Delicious Flavors that Manage Your Cravings

The premium ingredient bar that helps manage your eating habits, and reduces cravings for sugar and flavor.

Experience Real, Decadent Flavors

OWN bars accurately replace your cravings by using as much of the actual flavor ingredient possible without relying on artificial flavours.
All flavors are designed with Artificial Intelligence to combine ingredients for maximum flavor with low calories, ultra-low net carbs, and maximum satiety.

OWN Your Chocolate Craving

OWN Belgian Chocolate is the ultimate reference point for a chocolate protein bar. Made with ultra-premium Callebaut® cocoa powder and Allulose-sweetened chocolate chips to replicate the all the pleasure you get from chocolate.

20g Protein. 1g Sugar. 200 calories. Learn more

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OWN Your Peanut Butter Craving

 The limits of peanut butter in a protein bar has been achieved. Packed with as much peanut butter and peanuts that a 20g protein bar can physically hold.

20g Protein. 1g Sugar. 200 Calories. Learn more …

OWN Your Sweet Coconut Cravings

Designed to help you reduce your overall sugar cravings. The true coconut experience, loaded with organic coconut milk and coconut flakes that starts sweet, then finishes with a strong coconut flavor.

20g Protein. 1g Sugar. 200 calories.


Out of stock

Featuring Premium-Grade Fats

Fats are good, especially the right ones. Each bar has 10g of MCT oil and nut butters designed for clean energy, satiety, making them ideal for low carb or ketogenic diets.


MCT oil coconuts derived from coconuts (not palm) providing a clean fat that is fast digesting with proven abilities to regulate cholesterol levels

Premium Nut Butters

Fats are delicious and satiating. The maximum amount of good fats a bar can hold without exceeding 200 calories.

Low Glycemic Sweeteners

With only 1g of sugar and 2g or less net carbs, OWN bars are designed for minimal Glycemic Impact

Organic Tapioca Fiber

Soluble Tapioca Fiber that is Resistant-Dextrin, with close to zero glycemic impact. Not to be confused with Iso-Malto Olligosaccharides (IMO), recently discovered to spike blood sugar levels as much as table sugar. 


Featuring Allulose, the rare sugar found naturally in figs, jackfruit, and raisins that is absorbed by the body but not metabolized, and is nearly calorie-free.

Decadent Flavors and Protein

Designed for protein bar aficionados and nutrition professionals. OWN bars feature maximum flavor made possible with ingredients used by world renowned pastry chefs, and a premium blend of grass-fed whey and isolates.

Premium Flavor Bases

Callebaut Chocolate. Organic Peanut Butter. Organic Coconut Milk.

Premium Protein Sources

New Zealand Grass-Fed Whey. 100% Plant-based equivalents coming soon, featuring minimal change in flavor.

Forget About Macros

OWN bars are designed to develop better habits by instinct, by naturally satisfying cravings and hunger with maximum flavor and natural hunger control ingredients.
If you still need help reaching a calorie deficit, hitting IIFYM or net carbs targets, we made the math easy for you with simple, round numbers.


Protein (g)

Premium Fats (g)

Net Carbs (g)

Sugar (g)

A few words from the experts

We publish reviews only from sources you can genuinely trust, from reputable industry and nutrition professionals.


“Out of the 400+ bar brands and flavors we have reviewed, OWN bars are way, way ahead of the competitors and is easily 1st place for taste, ingredients, macros, and overall experience.”

– @proteinfitnessandmore

The ultimate tool for my clients

The only bar that consistently keeps my clients’ cravings in check, and helps them stay on track with their diet and fitness program

– @trainwithtish

Deliciously Functional


Appetite Management

Clinically proven, natural ingredients that help manage your appetite


Instant Craving Satisfaction

Your body craves the real thing. Please it with premium ingredients.


Ultra Low Glycemic

No blood-sugar spiking ingredients.


Post-Recovery Protein

20g of premium protein for workout recovery.


Reduce Sugar Cravings

Designed with just the right sweetness to gradually help eliminate your sugar cravings.


Designed with Artificial Intelligence

Ingredients calculated to provide the ultimate levels of macros, ingredients, craving satisfaction, and satiety. 

Perfected with Artificial Intelligence

Full label transparency. Simple, clean numbers. A label designed for perfection.

The first bar created with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that formulates the future of food with maximum functionality, clean labels, while using only premium ingredients.

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