Premium Ingredients make a Premium Bar

OWN bars outclass the competition for a reason. We treat our ingredients the same way a chef would, and search high and low until we find the best possible.

Whey-Based Bars: Grass-Fed Whey Protein

Whey-based OWN bars combine premium quality New Zealand Grass-Fed Whey Protein with Milk Protein Isolate to provide a smooth texture and an unmistakably premium taste.

Plant-Based Bars: Brown Rice and Pea Protein

Plant-based OWN bars utilize Brown Rice Protein, and Pea Protein Crisps and contain no dairy-based ingredients for those with allergen or other concerns.

Soluble Tapioca Fiber (non-IMO)

OWN Bars use Resistant Dextrin Tapioca Fiber, a low-glycemic, and ketogenic diet compatible fiber (unlike the “IMO” version of Tapioca Fiber, which is essentially a slow digesting sugar). This “true fiber” derived from tapioca is currently one of the best low-sugar binders available. Learn more about the benefits and difference with this latest fiber innovation.

Exotic Flavor Bases

The flavors of OWN bars come from ingredients used by dessert chefs, such as Ecuador full-fat cocoa, organic natural peanut butter, and organic coconut milk. No need to mask nature’s perfection with artificial enrobing, coatings, or sprinkles.

Coconut-derived MCT Oil

We use quality MCT Oil derived from only Coconuts, not palm. This amazing oil is one of the healthiest fats around, providing instant energy almost equivalent to carbs without the major sugar spike, and a common part of the Keto diet. Clinical studies show MCT Oil is effective in reducing food consumption.

Stevia and Allulose

OWN bars use only Stevia and Allulose as sweeteners. We do not use fructose, sugar alcohols, sucralose, or any other artificial sweeteners, as they are known to induce hunger. Both Stevia and Allulose are naturally occuring sugars, but do not have the glycemic impact of sugar and pass naturally through your system. No bloat, no gas, no side effects, and almost zero sugar.

Appethyl (Spinach Extract)

OWN bars feature Appethyl®, an all-natural extract of spinach high in thylakoids. Features clinical studies to show that this patented unique ingredient reduces feelings of hunger, increases satiety, helps maintain blood sugar within normal limits. OWN bars feature this incredient to promote long last satiety after satisfying your decadent cravings. Learn more about this safe and functional extract.

Himalayan Sea Salt

To enhance flavors, we add just a touch of Himalayan Sea Salt, ensuring we don’t exceed healthy sodium levels.

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