The Purest Protein Chocolate Experience

For chocolate purists. Featuring Callebaut® cocoa used by pastry chefs to deliver genuine chocolate flavor and all of its natural benefits. Reach for one anytime you have an intense craving for chocolate. Premium flavors satisfy your immediate cravings, and natural appetite control ingredients keep you full after finishing the bar.


Protein (g)

Premium Fats (g)

Net Carbs (g)

Sugar (g)

Clean, simple, premium ingredients

Grass Fed Whey Protein, Soluble Tapioca Fiber (non-IMO), Callebaut® Belgian Cocoa, Milk Protein Crisps, Allulose, MCT Oil, Cocoa Butter, Spinach Extract, Stevia, Organic Sunflower Lecithin, Natural Chocolate Flavor.

With none of the bad stuff

No sugar, sugar alcohols, “naturally occuring” sugars, Isomalto-Olligosaccharides (IMO) fibers, chicory root fiber/inulin, artificial sweeteners, corn, palm oils, or soy.

No long paragraph of strange ingredients.

No ingredients that secretly spike blood sugar levels.

Simple, easy to track numbers on the label


200 Calories

Calories matter if you’re trying to reach a calorie defit. Simpoly add 200 calories to your daily total with each bar and stay below your target.


20g Protein

High protein for fitness recovery.


10g Fat

Premium quality fats from nut butters and MCT oil that are delicious and promote satiety.


1g Sugar.

As low as it gets.


13g Fiber

Resistant-Dextrin Tapioca Fiber (not IMO) – a true, minimal-glycemic impacting dietary fiber to keep you satiated.


3g Net Carbs

Perfect for Ketogenic and Low-Carb diets

Is it the perfect protein bar ever created? Don’t take our word it.


It tastes lovely and marvellous. You can’t stick to just one serving. You were warned.


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